Winter Olympics Security Concerns Growing Amid Terror Threats

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    Peter Krause of Boston College discusses preparations for attack threats in Sochi, Russia (Published Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014)

    (NECN) - Russian officials are searching for as many as four female suicide bombers who they say plan to carry out attacks during the Olympic Games.

    NBC News reports one of the women, known as the “Black Widow,” may have entered the Sochi area two weeks ago and is hiding out, waiting for an opportunity to carry out an attack.

    U.S. officials say they are not getting enough security cooperation from Russia.

    Russian security officials say they have the security situation under control.

    For more on the growing concern, we were joined by Peter Krause, assistant professor in political science at Boston College.

    He said that he believes the responsible for the attacks will try to launch an attack in the Olympic area, but find it difficult.