Man Injured After Car Flips Several Times on Highway

Maine State Police say a man is lucky to be alive after a Sunday morning crash

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    Maine State Police say a man is lucky to be alive after a Sunday morning crash.

    Officials say 31-year-old Adam Breznyajk of Winslow was trying to pass a car on I-95 in Augusta driven by 33 year-old Jennifer Beckwith-Pierce of Richmond, when the accident occurred. Troopers say Breznyajk observed Beckwith-Pierce weaving from the travel lane to the passing lane for some time.

    Breznyajk then tried to pass the vehicle, when Beckwith-Pierce drifted in the passing lane again, forcing Breznyajk to the breakdown lane to avoid a collision. Police say Breznyajk hit dirt and ended with his vehicle flipping several times before it came to rest.

    Police said Breznyajk was wearing a seat belt and got out of the vehicle with only minor injuries. Officials said the seat belt clearly saved Breznyajk from much more serious injuries.

    State Police say Beckwith-Pierce left the scene, but with witness statements, was picked up and charged a few minutes later for leaving the scene of a crime.

    State Police say distracted driving is likely a factor in the crash as well. This is an ongoing investigation.

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