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Man Breaks Into New Mexico Store & Pays for Cigarettes

The man left $6 on the counter after breaking into the store.



    Las Cruces Police Department
    A man identified by police as Ellis Battista shows a security camera that he is leaving payment for a pack of cigarettes at a Las Cruces, New Mexico, convenience store he allegedly broke in to Sunday.

    Police in New Mexico say a man broke into a convenience store to buy cigarettes, NBC News reported.

    The man, identified as Ellis C. Battista, 24, pounded on the door of a Bradley, New Mexico, convenience store.

    He kicked the door’s lower panel, picked a pack of Camels and left $6 on the counter. He also made sure security camera could see he was paying for the smokes, police said.

    Battista, who police believed to be intoxicated at the time, was free on $4,000 bond. He’s awaiting a March 8 court appearance on a single count of fourth-degree breaking and entering, according to court records.