Efimova: Mel Gibson seems to be sole abuser in relationship

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July 14, 2010, 8:39 am
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(NECN) - Mel Gibson has been heard allegedly acknowledging having hit the mother of his eight-month-old daughter, Oksana Grigorieva.

A voice sounding distinctively like the Academy Award-winner was heard telling Grigorieva that she "deserved" to be hit after she chastised him for allegedly punching her in the face and breaking two of her teeth.

"What kind of a man is that?" she was heard saying on the tape available on RadarOnline.com. "Hitting a woman when she's holding a child in her hands? Breaking her teeth twice in the face! What kind of man is that?"

"Oh, you're all angry now!" Gibson allegedly responds. "You know what, you ... (expletive) deserved it!"

Jenny Efimova, Safelink hotline manager for Casa Myrna Vazquez, has not met Gibson, but shared with NECN Morning her thoughts on the tapes. Casa Myrna Vazquez is the domestic violence organization to which Mel Gibson donated in 2008.

"It's incredibly abusive behavior -- verbally abusive -- and obviously very shocking," Efimova said of her initial impression upon hearing the tapes.

She said that, based on the tapes, the situation does not sound as if it involves mutual abuse -- Gibson appears to be the only abusive party. Abuse is about power, she said, and, although Gibson allegedly claims in the tape that Grigorieva abused him emotionally, Gibson's alleged thirst for power in the relationship can be heard in the tapes.

"From what we're hearing from these tapes it certainly sounds as though he has the control. In some of the tapes he even says, 'I own you'. That sounds like and seems like abusive behavior, that he's really the abuser in this situation," Efimova said.

Gibson donated $25,000 to the organization in 2008, a figure Casa Myrna would be unable to raise even if it wanted to return the money.

"I think it's sort of a difficult question for me to answer. I think at the time when he gave the donation we were very thankful, but I don't think it's really a possibility right now," Efimova said.

The Safelink Hotline number is 877-785-2020.

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