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Cape Cod Braces for Another Winter Storm



    The Cape and southeastern Mass. was hit hard by last weekend's blizzard (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Julie Loncich, Sandwich, Mass.) - Folks who live out on Cape Cod are concerned about the storm after finally getting out of the dark from last weekend's blizzard.

    Managers at Aubuchon Hardware in Sandwich, Mass. are still restocking from the Blizzard of 2013.

    Cape Cod took a beating last weekend, since the blizzard caused beach erosion, property damage and power outages, and now there's more snow in on the way, with forecasts predicting anywhere between 5-10 inches.

    You'd think people would be fully prepared this time around; you'd be wrong.

    "Lot of trees down, lot of chainsaws selling for clean up, lot of generators, lot of extension cords, cables, emergency lighting, batteries, flashlights, everything, sand - you name it," Kristian Remes, manager at Aubuchon Hardware, says.

    Another snow storm means a potential for problems, which is a nuisance for most of us; however, it also translates into a boon for business for others.

    "We lost power for about five minutes, and on a February where we wouldn't have anybody we filled up because everybody is calling, 'You got power? You got a room?' Boom," Don Sanderson, owner of the Isaiah Jones Homestead Bed & Breakfast, says.

    Prior to running an historic property, Sanderson and his wife called Hawaii home for 35 years. Surprisingly, he says he doesn't mind more snow, but maybe that's because it's been good to him or because he's got quite the scheme going.

    "I'm still waiting on the instructions card how to run that thing that you do on the sidewalk, you know," Sanderson says.

    You mean a shovel?

    "Yeah, that's the thing. Someone should send me instructions. We'll manage," he jokes.