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Cape Cod Bracing for Fierce Storm



    (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Deanna Morgan, Sandwich, Mass.) - The winds are fierce.  The ocean water is in full force. The residents of Sandwich, Mass. are really just waiting to see what’s going to happen.

    People living on the beach have to think about erosion.  Some have added sand to their dunes to try and protect them – or rather, keep them.  Last month’s blizzard was cause for concern.

    This storm could be calmer, could be worse.  

    It’s funny that residents we spoke with Wednesday night weren’t worried one bit.

    “Everything you can imagine I’ve seen down here, and we’ll stay through the storm,” says resident of eight years Loring Johnson. “I wouldn’t leave here for a minute.  Tomorrow morning these waves will be coming in here, you’ll love it.”

    “We’ve lived here a while and you just deal with it Mother Nature, can’t control it. So we don’t get too worried about it,” says Matt Beaton.

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