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Ice Causes Most Central Maine Residents to Stay Indoors



    (Published Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014)

    (NECN: Amy Sinclair) - Close to 10,000 people across Central Maine are without power following an ice storm that rolled in overnight into Sunday.

    The storm was worrisome because many people were traveling home for the holidays and because much colder temperatures are on the way.

    Outside a shopping plaza in Augusta, Maine, maintenance crews worked up a sweat chopping sheets of ice from sidewalks in an effort to undo the damage done by Mother Nature in hopes that shoppers would still show up.

    Some, like Donald Bean, ignored the travel warnings and took his chances.

    "Well, I knew it wasn't going to be busy," he said holding a shopping bag. “I figured I could get in and out quick."

    But most people stayed home.

    Jayson Bray ventured out to salt his front walkway, but he said that's as far as he planned to travel Sunday.

    "It's like an ice rink. The poor dog looked like he was skating," he said.

    The damage done by ice covered tree limbs kept crews from Central Maine Power and Bangor Hydro hopping.

    "What happens is that once the ice builds up, the limbs get brittle and snap. As soon as they touch the lines, we've got problems," said CMP lineman George Marston.

    Inside Maine's Emergency Management Agency, first responders tracked the storm's progress and the number of people left in the dark.

    "If a county gets a lot of requests for sheltering, that will dictate what we do and the Red Cross is standing by ready to help if people need beds" said Lynette Miller, MEMA Spokeswoman.

    In Maine, all ice storms are compared to the monster storm of 1988 that left some people stranded without power for two weeks.

    This storm's punch will be less severe because parts of the state got only rain or snow, but for line workers it will still be a long couple of days.

    "I think this is just the beginning, said Marston Sunday morning. ”Hopefully well be home by Christmas. That would be nice."