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Mass. Teen Rescues 103-year-old Neighbor



    Dylan Hughes, 16, of Quincy realized Sylvia Carlson was in trouble when the power was out (Published Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014)

    (NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Quincy, Mass.) - Sixteen-year-old Dylan Hughes of Quincy, Mass. is still shoveling after this weekend's blizzard.

    But the Thayer Academy junior has never shoveled as fast as he did Saturday morning when the power was out and he realized his 103-year-old neighbor Sylvia Carlson might be in trouble.
    "My mom suggested that I bring some hot water over and some food because she didn't have any - she couldn't turn on the stove because it's electric, but we had gas so we could," he said.
    Dylan says when Sylvia answered the door, she was wearing four layers of clothing and didn't look good.

    "She was shivering like crazy and she had her hand on the door and the door was rattling when she was shaking, it was pretty scary for me," said Dylan.
    "A few minutes later he came to me with this worried look on his face he said, 'Dad, Sylvia doesn't look good,'" said Dylan's dad Joseph Pereira.
    Joseph said with their phones dead, he ran to a neighbor's house to call an ambulance.
    "He's very nonchalant about everything and when he had this worried look and he said these words to me, I immediately panicked," he said.
    The problem was there was so much snow, the ambulance couldn't get up the hill to Sylvia Carlson's home, so Dylan and his dad had to grab their shovels again and start digging.
    "I thought it was an impossible task at first but then the adrenaline kicked in and we started going faster," he said.
    "And we ended up creating a path all the way down this road here, all the way down to the flower shop down there, which is about three blocks away, in order for the EMTs to be able to carry her down rather safely," Joseph said.
    Sylvia was treated in the hospital and released back to her home where the power and heat were back on.

    She says she feels as good as she can for 103-years-old.
    Sylvia said, "I feel fine but I don't hear."
    Joseph said, "She's 103-years-old, she is feistier as ever, I think she's going to outlive me."
    Dylan's father says he's proud of him, but Dylan shrugs it off.
    "I don't see the reason to be proud of this because I don't see it as a big deal, honestly I just went over to help my neighbor, it was a routine thing, and it wasn't a big deal," Dylan said.