Lindsay Lohan

Proof You've Been Mispronouncing Lindsay Lohan's Name

Remember in "Mean Girls" when Cady Heron had to correct everyone about how to pronounce her name? It turns out that life imitates art with Lindsay Lohan since she just corrected us all

Lindsay Lohan
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No, it's not a case of Freaky Friday. There is truly a chance you've been mispronouncing Lindsay Lohan's last name all along.

In case you missed it, the 35-year-old actress joined TikTok earlier this month with what appeared to be your standard introductory video. However, TikTokers have since realized that it wasn't all that standard, considering the pronunciation.

"Hey everyone, it's Lindsay Lohan," the actress, emphasizing Lo-wen, is heard saying in her first video. "And guess what? Now, I'm on TikTok."Needless to say, after the upload, everyone who assumed her last name is pronounced "Lo-han" is still questioning everything they've ever known.

"Wait. Lindsay 'LOWEN'?!?!!?" one user commented. "I'VE BEEN SAYING IT WRONG MY WHOLE LIFE?!?" While another wrote, "I'm sorry I've said your name wrong my entire life." A third user chimed in with disbelief simply adding, "U pronounced ur name wrong."

Another TikToker pointed out that Lohan is actually the latest celebrity that has corrected us on how to pronounce their name.

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"LOWEN? LOUTNER? GRANDEE?" the user wrote. "Okay, they gotta be messing with us at this point."

We're sure you can take a wild guess as to who those names truly belong to, but if you need more info, not to worry. We have you covered:

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