Church Choir Records Christmas Album

It's certainly not unusual for a church to have a choir - but not every choir is famous for producing albums.

A very talented group of singers is bringing the sounds of the season in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Our Lady of Fatima Church sits quietly in Sudbury, but inside, the walls can barely contain the beautiful sound of singing.

The church choir, made up of singers from ages 6 to 60, is filled with excitement after working on their latest project - A Christmas CD.

"It's really cool," said Kendra Keelan, who sings in the choir. "It was an incredible experience."

The release of the album, "A Baby Changes Everything," will also celebrate the church's 60 year anniversary. It has 10 tracks.

"The whole point of this CD was to really make what we do here more accessible," said music director Cynthia Marr.

This is the fifth CD for the parish. The singers are becoming something akin to celebrities in town.

The project is such a success that Marr says you should hurry up and get your orders in.

"The last time we did a Christmas CD, we sold out. We made 1,000 copies and we sold out," she said. "I would suggest ordering early."

The album will be available for purchase Dec. 5 and 6 at the church, or you can pre-order here.

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