The Year in Pop Culture

From Frozen and ice buckets to the tragic deaths of Robin Williams and Joan Rivers, 2014 was a busy year.

It was climate change in the pop world this year, running hot and cold!

Everybody from plain folk to the fabulously famous took ice bucket baths for a good cause.

On the big screen, "Frozen"-mania earned Disney $1.2 billion in cold cash, the Oscar for Best Animated Feature and Best Song. In fact, the whole soundtrack was hot, topping the Billboard charts for 13 weeks.

And both happy and hot was Pharrell Williams' "Happy" from the "Despicable Me 2" soundtrack.

More happy news - another royal baby is on the way. There were also sad moments - the deaths of Robin Williams and Joan Rivers.

A late-night shuffle saw Jay Leno signing off, with Jimmy Fallon signing in. Stephen Colbert was announced as David Letterman's eventual replacement.

"The Hunger Games" were still hot at the box office. And the hottest celebrities got hitched - sometimes to each other. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wed. George Clooney tied the knot in Venice. Reality star Kim Kardashian tied her third knot with entertainer Kanye West.

World Cup mania was the hottest sports story of the year - the U.S. was in the running for the first time and millions of Americans caught soccer fever.

The bug of social media kept giving celebs a virus. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling's racial comments went viral, as did "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson's comments on gays, and a Republican staffer's Facebook comments on the Obama girls - some called that a case of cyber-bullying.

At year's end came a cyber attack that seemed to bully media giant Sony into cancelling a movie depicting a comical effort to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un. Ray Rice beating his wife in an elevator was viral and, some would say, criminal.

But when it came to celebrities and crime, Justin Bieber even got a mug shot. And though he hasn't been arrested, Bill Cosby's mug is everywhere.

Hollywood hotty Mark Wahlberg reminded us he was once a punk from Boston's Dorchester neighborhood and sought a pardon. Jay-Z and Beyonce's sister went at it and reminded us that cameras are everywhere.

Big Papi's iPhone camera got him in some hot water for posting his big mug next to the president's in the first-ever White House "selfie," while "photo bombs" proved the ultimate mug shots of 2014 - defined as people accidentally or purposely putting themselves into view in a photograph. A bunch went online in 2014.

So, here I am bombing that famous Oscar night selfie.

Yeah, fat chance.

Happy new year, everyone.

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