4 Easy Hacks to Make You a Holiday ‘Wrap' Star

Santa’s elves know how to wrap the perfect present, but do you? Meaghan Murphy, Content Director at Woman’s Day Magazine, shares her tricks to help anyone become a wrap-star! 

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Once you finish all your holiday shopping it’s time for wrapping. And sometimes, that can be more difficult than buying the gifts if you don’t have the right materials.  Meaghan Murphy, Content Director at Woman’s Day, shares her tried and true tricks with Maria Sansone to help anyone become a wrap-star!

Dish Towel & Ribbon

A dish towel is the perfect thing to wrap cookbooks, magazines and other books.  You don’t need scissors, tape or really anything crafty, just a ribbon to secure it. And if you want to add a little something, Meaghan recommends a kitchen tool, like a spatula. It’s a simple and the wrapping becomes a gift as well!

Reusable Shopping Bag

This idea is perfect for the people in your life that hate waste: a reusable bag.  All you have to do it toss in the gift and tie up the top with a ribbon or bow. For an extra touch, hang an ornament from the ribbon – three gifts in one!

Kraft Paper & Greens

If you like a more classic look, find some Kraft paper. It is more durable than wrapping paper (goodbye ripped corners!) and it can be recycled. Meaghan likes to add some twine and greenery to the package. The final product is a picture straight out of a holiday carol!

"Baked with Love" Bakery Box

Have you ever needed a last-minute gift for neighbors, delivery people, or teachers but don’t have time to buy it and wrap one? Meaghan recommends stocking up on brown bakery boxes at the start of the season and adding “baked with love” stickers to them. Then, when you’re in a pinch, add whatever baked good you can – homemade chocolate chip cookies, cut and bake cookies, or store-bought straight from the box. It’s the thought that counts and the presentation will be incredible!

For more tips and tricks from Meaghan, check her out on Instagram at @meaghanbmurphy.

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