• the hub today Oct 13

    How Boston 10k for Women and Black Girls Run! Are Giving Back

    Last year on this day thousands of women were crossing the finish line of the Boston 10k for Women. Today, those women are celebrating their 10k finish in their own neighborhoods for this year’s virtual event. The mission of the Boston 10k for Women is to encourage young women and girls to get active and healthy. Their Official Charity...

  • the hub today Oct 12

    Black Girls Run! Gives Back

    Black Girls Run! is part of the Boston 10k for Women’s Official Charity Program. The organization is committed to inspiring Black women and girls to get active and healthy. In an effort to continue their mission, they are donating the money raised to Sole Train, a local organization with a similar mission for the next generation.

  • the hub today Oct 6

    Figuring Out The The Perfect At-Home Fitness Solution During The Pandemic

    With cooler weather on the way, many people will dust off their indoor workout routines. 
    Two local guys recognized that many people are looking for guidance when it comes to working out at home.
    So, they created Boston’s first virtual-only fitness studio: HUSTL’D Studio.

  • the hub today Oct 6

    Meet the Team Behind HUSTL'D Studio

    Cooler temperature are coming which means many of us are going to be dusting off our indoor workout routines. Two local fitness guys noticed that people are working out more from home and looking for some guidance. So, they created Boston’s first virtual-only studio called HUSTL’D.

  • the hub today Oct 2

    Local Company Giving Back With Masks

    Needham-based company Rafi Nova pivoted from selling backpacks to making millions of masks when the pandemic hit. Today, they are giving back to communities across the country, and their inspiring story spans the globe. [Sponsored]

  • LGBTQ Oct 1

    Local Mom Writes Children's Story Inspired by Transgender Son

    Books can be such a helpful tool when it comes to teaching kids about identity, empathy and acceptance, especially when they are diverse and representative.

    When a local mom couldn’t find a book that represented the journey of her transgender son, she decided to write one herself.  Enter, Eli’s New Clothes.

  • the hub today Oct 1

    The Story Behind “Eli's New Clothes”

    Kerri Mullen, a mom of three, realized that when looking for children’s books with transgender children they almost always included a transition from male to female and not female to male. Determined to provide a book that represented her son’s journey, Kerri wrote and recently released “Eli’s New Clothes.”

  • the hub today Sep 15

    What's ‘Shining' at Franklin Park Zoo

    We are headed into Fall and things still look a little different. The Franklin Park Zoo is bringing a sense of normalcy and fun to your evenings with their newest project Boston Lights. Boston Lights is new lantern experience at the Franklin Park Zoo based in the traditional Chinese craft.  Hundreds of lanterns are combined to create beautiful displays...

  • the hub today Sep 15

    Boston Lights: A Lantern Experience

    Experience the wonder of over 50 magnificent displays comprised of hundreds of beautifully crafted lanterns spanning Franklin Park Zoo’s 72 acres. The first of its kind in New England, our lantern experience will dazzle and delight guests of all ages!

  • the hub today Sep 9

    Why Shannon Mulaire Ran the Virtual Boston Marathon

    NBC10’s Shannon Mulaire laced up and ran the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston for this year’s virtual Boston Marathon. Why she did it… and who she ran for.

  • the hub today Sep 9

    Shannon Mulaire's Boston Marathon Debut

    NBC10 Boston Anchor Shannon Mulaire trains to run her first Boston Marathon, virtually, for the David Ortiz Children’s Fund.

  • the hub today Sep 2

    Which Rosé Is Right for You?

    Rosé is a popular summer sip, but how much do you really know? TJ Douglas, Owner of The Urban Grape in Boston’s South End, explains that it’s very versatile and can really fit any palette. First of all, it’s not from a specific grape or region, it’s simply a very light red wine, from anywhere. Many people think that...

  • the hub today Aug 27

    What to Buy for Back to School Safety

    “Back to School” shopping looks a little different this year. The typical lists of notebooks, pencils, and binders are longer with additions like hand sanitizer and masks. Bethany Braun-Silva, Editor of Parenting.com, shares her favorite products to help keep kids safe this year. First, everyone needs a mask (or two or three!) Bethany has found success using Cubcoats with...

  • the hub today Aug 27

    Which Rosé Is Right for You?

    Rose is a favorite summer sip, but do you know how to pick the perfect one for your preferences? TJ Douglas, Owner of The Urban Grape, explains what questions to ask when selecting a bottle. He also shares the perfect pairing to make it full experience.

  • the hub today Aug 26

    Back to School Shopping: Safety Edition

    This year back to school shopping lists are longer with additional safety items. Editor of Parenting.com Bethany Braun-Silva shares her favorite products to help stay safe as they head back to the classroom, at home or in person.

  • Falmouth Road Race Aug 21

    We Challenged Falmouth Road Race Runners to a Scavenger Hunt. Here's What Happened

    The Falmouth Road Race: At Home Edition kicks off this weekend. Runners from all over New England are preparing to hit the pavement in their own neighborhoods, including the elite runners. Runners have until August 29 to run or walk a total of seven miles. Gearing up for this year’s race are four Falmouth favorites: Molly Seidel, Diane Nukuri, Ben…

  • Falmouth Road Race Aug 21

    BONUS: Falmouth Road Race Elite Scavenger Hunt

    Here’s what you didn’t see on TV! This is the full version of the Falmouth Road Race Elite Scavenger Hunt

  • the hub today Aug 21

    The Things We Didn't Know We Needed, and Now Can't Live Without

    Chances are you’ve made a few (or several) purchases in the last couple of months, or at least found something around the house and given it new life, right? The Hub Today team shares what they’re been loving in quarantine!  First, Anna Rossi loves to start her day is with a dalgona coffee, especially with two little ones at home!...

  • the hub today Aug 21

    What Is The Hub Today Team Loving Right Now?

    The Hub Today team shares the things they are loving in quarantine, new and old.

  • how to Aug 14

    How to Video Conference Like a Pro

    Video conferencing is the way work and life get done these days. But it’s not as simple as logging on and saying hello. If you want to look like a pro, you’ve got to do what the pros do. Maria Sansone shows you how.

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