dear white women

Dear White Women: Prepare to Get (Un)Comfortable Talking About Race

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Dear White Women – yes, you. Sara Blanchard and Misasha Suzuki Graham need a moment of your time.

In fact, 'Dear White Women' is the title of their book and podcast.

The two biracial (Japanese and White) friends met at Harvard and are now mothers, anti-racism advocates, and educators.

The basic, raw message Blanchard and Suzuki Graham put out to all White women: Step away from your computer, put down the laundry, and do something that will really benefit your family: Let’s talk about race.

They're sharing their wisdom, wit, and 3-pronged approach to create a world that goes beyond Black and White.

It's an important episode of Mom2Mom with Maria Sansone.

Watch above and let us know what you think. Or listen to the podcast version by clicking on the QR code below.

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