Holiday Week Survival Kit

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If you're feeling frazzled rushing to the holiday finish line, we've got a simple survival kit for you!

TikTok mom sensation Nicki Maher dropped by Mom2Mom and says the key is doing less to enjoy more.

Maher suggests "trying to keep traditions that we've had for years, just a different form of them, right? My tradition this year is if it's not simple I'm not doing it."

She says you'll feel relief by letting go of some tasks you may do in a typical year.

Take cards, for example. Nicki's dumping hers for 2020. "I've got a beautiful picture. Everybody's going to see that. We're going to go through social media, and I'm not going to be hard on myself," she says.

For more tips, plus how Nicki turned her worst year into a million TikTok followers, watch the full episode of Mom2Mom with Nicki here.

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