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Are Kids Missing Important Cues While Learning With Masks On? One Expert Weighs in

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Kids learn a lot more than just reading and writing in school. Picking up on body language and social cues are developed in school as well.

A lot of those cues are masked, literally, in the time of COVID.

Educational psychologist and parenting expert Dr. Michele Borba shares some tips on how kids can keep up their social learning right now.

"First of all, emotional literacy is this gateway to empathy and social connection, and now we're wearing masks, so it's harder and harder to be able to read facial expressions", she says.

Dr. Borba says the face isn't the only indicator of emotion. "If you tune into their body posture a little more, some kids you can see they're getting frustrated. They're angry because their hands are in a fist or their whole body is taut like this because they're frustrated. Those are wonderful tools to be able to help your child. 'Oh, look at that little boy. Look how he's standing. How do you think he feels?'," she says.

She says voice is also key.

"Listen to grandma's voice and you'll know when she's starting to get a little tired or watch Daddy's body when he walks in and you'll know whether or not it's a good time to ask him for an allowance raise or not. We just need to prime our kids a little more to know that facial expression isn't the only way," Dr. Borba stresses.

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