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Loving Body After Baby

How to be kind to yourself, always!

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Whether your baby is a newborn, a toddler or you've got a ten-year-old in the house, you may be carrying around a little extra "baby weight."

Kimberly Caldwell-Harvey says she hears you and you're not alone! The TV host, American Idol alum, and mom of two stopped by Mom2Mom to chat with our own Maria Sansone.

Caldwell-Harvey says it's been months since her second was born and she still has the belly to prove it. She said she wasn't scrolling through Instagram jealous of other women in their bikinis with flat stomachs.

However, she WAS judging herself against her pre-second-baby self wondering if she'd ever get back to being "herself" again. That was until it hit her that her body right now IS her and she decided to own -- and love -- her body at all stages.

Plus, Maria talks about what caught her eye this week. It's a must-watch Mom2Mom.

Take a look and leave us a comment on what you think about "body after baby," body image, in general, what caught YOUR eye this week, or topics you'd like Maria to cover here on Mom2Mom.

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