Ask Jennifer: Getting Finances in Order

With the end of the year quickly approaching, many want to get their finances in order before saying goodbye to 2014.

Jennifer Lane, a certified financial planner with Compass Planning, has some answers to necn viewers' questions.

Beth in Shrewsbury asks: "I've been self employed for a few years but this year my CPA says I should do a 401k to save taxes. Do I have to make my contribution before December 31st?"

Kara in Boston writes: "I'd like to gift some stock to a non-profit I love. Giving stock will save the capital gains taxes and help me give as much as I can to the charity. They have never dealt with a stock gift before. Do we need a CPA to help?"

Jason in Dracut asks: "I inherited an IRA from my Grandmother a couple years ago. I didn't realize I needed to make a withdrawal right away. If I take money out of the IRA by the end of this year can I catch-up with my missed withdrawals?" 

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