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4 Things To Add To Your Back to ‘Remote' School Shopping List

Whether students are in the classroom or in a hybrid model, we’ve gathered some products to help the transition back to school be more productive.

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We’re gearing up for an unprecedented school year – at home, at school, or a combination of both. As a result, the “back to school” shopping lists look a little different in fall 2020. Bethany Braun-Silva, Editor of and mom of 2, shares her top picks for helpful tools to improve learning at home.


1.ABC MOUSE APP According to Silva, many parents found the ABC Mouse app back in the spring as a way to help kids learn.

Now, parents can bring the same learning off the screen with their new workbooks.  They have all the same topics and kids are already familiar with the format. Win, win!

2. LAP DESK Research shows that kids are more productive when they have a designated study space. While their own desk or room isn’t always available, Bethany found lap desks to be super helpful. 

Her pick is the PBTeen Lap Desk.  It has a cushioned bottom so it sits comfortably on a lap but has a hard surface on top to make writing or placing a tablet easy. Even more, there’s storage for school supplies underneath.

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3. BLUE-LIGHT BLOCKERS Whether we like it or not, kids are in front of screens a lot these days. Bethany loves the Gunnar Blue Light Blocking Glasses

They claim to reduce digital eye strain and block blue light.  The Cruz style is made just for kids – there are two sizes and two tints.

4 . DRY ERASE CALENDAR Finally, schedules might look a little chaotic once school gets into full swing. Bethany swears by a Dry Erase Wall Calendar.

First, it helps parents keep track of things, but it also gives kids some accountability and responsibility when they know what’s happening and what’s expected of them.

It can host learning time blocks, chores, and playtime!

Here’s to a happy and healthy school year – at home, at school, or some combination of both.

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