10 More Arrested as Operation Granite Hammer Continues

Three weeks into Operation Granite Hammer, police in Manchester, New Hampshire, have arrested more than 40 low-level drug dealers.

In the latest sweep on Thursday, Manchester Police, state police and the DEA arrested ten people after executing a search warrant at 282 Laurel St.

"It's to the point you can't walk out of your house without seeing it," said Laurel Street resident Erika Weddleton.

She has four kids under the age of 11.

Because of the drugs and the crime, Weddleton won't take her kids to play at the park nearby.

"I stay in, I avoid everything as much as I can," Weddleton said.

Her mother, Faith Talley, who lives on the west side says the drug problem is just as prevalent.

"I walk around with my keys with me because I am just afraid someone will mug me," Talley said.

Police say Granite Hammer, a collaborative effort to target low-level drug dealers, is proving successful.

"It's certainly sending a message," said Sgt. Mike Biron. "There's going to be zero tolerance and I think that's how you take back the community and the city."

They've arrested more than 40 people in three weeks.

On Thursday alone detectives took more than $25,000 worth of crystal meth and heroin out of rotation.

"I think there is a ripple effect," Sgt. Biron said. "You're attacking the dealer, taking it from them, and hopefully you're saving a life."

Nashua Police have a similar strategy and have netted 22 arrests in the past six weeks.

We're told there's more to come in both cities and soon.

"I think it's awesome, I hope people get help, they need help," said Talley.

"I'm hoping to see a lot of drug addicts off the street," Weddleton added.

Officials are three weeks into this 12 week initiative.

With additional state funding for the operation announced last week, Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard says he's hopeful there will be a way to extend Granite Hammer longer than expected.

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