5 Videos That You Need to See: February 9, 2016

What's everyone talking about today? Check out these must see viral videos

deck snowboarding

From presidential candidates gearing up for the N.H. primary to a panda learning to climb a tree, we think you should take a break from the work day to check out these five videos that have gone viral on social media.

#1: Chris Christie says he's more ready for the primary than Marco Rubio. (WATCH)

On the day of the New Hampshire primary Chris Christie told supporters “I’m ready, he’s not” referring to Marco Rubio.

#2: Necn viewer Lori Graham sent us a video of her son snowboarding off the stairs in her backyard. (WATCH)

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#3: Bei Bei the panda tried climbing a tree for the first time. (WATCH)

#4: This 8-year-old wants to obtain signatures from all the presidential candidates. (WATCH)

Eight-year-old New York girl on a mission to get autographs from all candidates travels to New Hampshire to achieve her goal.

#5: A gas station roof collapsed on top of a group of cars in Los Angeles. (WATCH)

An internet troll who harassed a black college student with racist messages on social media has agreed to a court settlement requiring him to get "anti-hate training," apologize in writing and on video and publicly renounce white supremacy.

We hope you enjoyed the videos. Have a great day!

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