5 Viral Videos That You Need to See: August 31, 2015

Necn.com's compilation of the day's must-see videos

Bridgewater Police

Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards alone could have filled today's list of 5 must-see viral videos, but we didn't want to subject you to that, so we compiled the best of the VMAs and included it as just one of today's five entries.

#1: A video that has been making the rounds on the internet on Monday shows a female Bridgewater State University student being pushed off a garage at an off-campus party. Fortunately, the student suffered only minor injuries.

A woman was pushed from the roof of a garage at an off-campus Bridgewater State University party early Monday morning.

#2: Next up, we have Jane Rosenburg, the now-infamous courtroom sketch artist who made Tom Brady look like a zombie, talking about her second chance at sketching the New England Patriots quarterback.

The court artist whose sketch of Tom Brady during the first “Deflategate” civil suit went viral has unveiled a new portrait of Brady and says she plans to focus more on Brady during the next hearing Monday.

#3: In a terrible story from over the weekend, an employee at P.F. Chang's in Peabody, Massachusetts, was fatally stabbed by a co-worker. The suspect's mother spoke to necn about her son's anger issues, and how he "snapped" after he was threatened.

The mother of the suspect in the fatal stabbing of a kitchen worker at the P.F. Chang’s in Peabody, Massachusetts, says her son “snapped” and was just one week away from taking anger management classes.

#4: Members of the Boston Police Department took the ice bucket challenge on Monday morning in honor of Detective Sgt. Richie Clancy, who is battling ALS.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans took the “Ice Bucket Challenge” with his command staff, supervisors and officers to raise awareness for ALS.

#5: And last but not least, we give you the VMAs, with Kanye's long-winded speech, Miley's wardrobe malfunction, and much, much more!

Authorities say police responded to six suspected opioid overdoses over a 24-hour period last weekend in Sanford, Maine.
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