Dozens Evacuated Due to Roof Collapses

At least two roofs collapsed in New Hampshire on Monday due to the weight of heavy snow, causing the evacuation of dozens of people.

Sixty residents had to be evacuated from a Hooksett apartment building after the roof partially collapsed at 126 Mammoth Road. The building was evacuated around 4 a.m. after residents were awakened by creaking and a loud noise. Hooksett Fire say it was a partial roof collapse and that no one was injured. A building inspector will determine if residents can return to their homes.

In addition, the Walmart at 700 Lafayette Road in Seabrook was evacuated around 8:45 a.m. The town's fire department says the roof had previously been shoveled, but about a foot and a half of snow had since accumulated. The roof is being cleared and a building inspector will determine when it's safe to be re-opened. 

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