Apple ID Leaks: What Does This Mean for Users?

(NECN/AP) - The FBI is disputing a computer hacker group's claim that it stole personal identification data on millions of Apple device owners from an FBI agent's laptop.
FBI officials said Tuesday the bureau never asked for and never possessed the database that the group, which calls itself AntiSec, is posting on a website.

The group has released a link to a database of more than 1 million unique identification numbers for Apple devices, which could include iPhones and iPads. AntiSec said the data is just a piece of the more than 12 million unique identification numbers and personal information on the device owners that it got from a laptop used by an FBI agent.

Jeffrey Bardin, Chief Intelligence Officer at Treadstone 71 and Cyber Intelligence Expert, joined "The Morning Show" to discuss this case, and what it means for Apple users.

The file names tie to the National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance, which is a public-private group largely driven by the FBI out of Pittsburgh.

Jeff recommends that users still check to see if their UDID has been compromised, but wants users to understand that only 1 million out of 12 million have been released, and that was without address, phone numbers, and whatever else AntiSec was able to acquire. 

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