Boston Resident: ‘I Think Smart People Get Flu Shots'

(NECN: Jackie Bruno, Cambridge, Mass.) - Health officials are urging the people most at risk to get vaccinated, while others are trying to keep healthy.

We are expecting to get new numbers from the state about how many people have confirmed cases of the flu Friday morning. Last week, there were 6,000 confirmed cases, and there are a lot more unconfirmed cases, which means the T is likely a very germy place right now.

“I don’t want to touch anything. And that’s hard to do on the T,” says Doris Aquaviva. “People sit next to me and they cough and I go like this [cover face] and I move if it stops and people get let out… but yeah I don’t even want to touch those hand rails.”

And who could blame her? The T is likely crawling with germs right now, but one man had a great idea.

“They should make hand sanitizers available at the subway level because everybody’s touching the bars,” says Scott Schultz.

What’s the worst part about the flu?

“All of it,” says Michael Norton. “The sickness, the can’t get out of bed. Throwing up… and everything else that comes with it.”

It’s funny now, but if you get it, you won’t be laughing. That’s why the state is urging you to get a flu shot.

“People who have not had the flu vaccine should get one it is not too late. If you don’t have health care coverage you can get one for free,” said Governor Deval Patrck.

Most people we talked to said they already got their flu shot.

“I don’t have sick time. With construction people if you’re gone, you’re gone. That’s it. It affects your wallet,” says Norton.

Real men get flu shots, right?

“I think smart people get flu shots,” says John.

Mayor Tom Menino sent out a tweet asking all Bostonians to get the flu shot.

If you want more information about where you can find free flu shot clinics, click here.

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