DNA Expert Takes Stand in Home Invasion Case

(NECN: Brian Burnell) - A DNA expert testified today at the Cheshire, Connecticut home invasion trial. He testified that DNA left at the scene could be linked to the suspects.

Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky are both accused of invading the Petit family home in the early morning hours of July 23, 2007. Of beating Dr. William Petit nearly to death and terrorizing his wife Jennifer and daughter's, Hayley and Michaela and sexually assaulting two of them before killing all three.

But Hayes is the one on trial with Komisarjevsky to follow in a few months. Hayes' attorneys are trying to paint Komisarjevsky as the bigger monster in the house that night and Komisarjevsky's attorney is already trying to counter that. He spoke to reporters outside court on Friday to dispell the notion that 11-year-old Michaela was raped by his client. He says Komisarjevsky gave a full statement to police.

Jeremiah Donovan, Komisarjevsky's Attorney: "In that statement he explained what happened. Its been supported by the three expert witnesses. The DNA expert, the chemist and the Chief Medical Examiner."

The two scientists testified that the condition of the semen found on swabs taken from Michaela indicated it was likely outside her body. And the medical examiner told jurors he did not find physical evidence of rape such as bruises and torn tissue. Donovan came close to violating a gag order in the case by talking but says he felt compelled to say something because he wants the Petit family to know the truth.

Jeremiah Donovan, Komisarjevsky's Attorney: "It will be a long time between now and the Komisarjevsky trial. I know this is going to be small solace but its just something that I felt I had to say and I can't talk to the Petit family directly."

Despite what Donovan had to say, the evidence being presented to the jury indicates that Jennifer Hawke-Petit, Michaela's mother, was raped that night.

Semen found on swabs taken from her show a DNA match to Steven Hayes and swabs taken from his genital area show a DNA match to Jennifer Hawke Petit.

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