Flu Clinics Make It Easier to Avoid Illness This Winter

(NECN: Jackie Bruno) - The state of Mass. is really trying to make sure everyone has access to a flu shot this year.

The best way to avoid the worst of the flu is by getting that vaccine.

Thousands of people across the bay state already have the flu, and it’s spreading fast.

“I think everyone should get the flu shot, especially the high-risk population,” said Stephanie Martinez of Jamaica Plain, Mass. “It’s silly not to.”

Jack Lipner of Cambridge, Mass., added, “I was one of those men who walked around without a flu shot all my life. I didn’t think I needed one. … My doctor convinced me -- she said it’s better safe than sorry.”

“I do need to get the flu shot, so that’s on my on my list,” said Marina Milosalvsky of Cambridge.

And there’s really no excuse. There are flu clinics all over the state offering free flu shots to anyone who wants one.

Becky Anthony should know: She’s a nurse at Mt. Auburn Hospital, where she said tons of people have come in with the flu.

“Take a look around in your office, where you work -- there are a lot of people all ages who are out with the flu,” Anthony said. “So it’s pretty significant this year. And it’s not over. Really bad cough, aches and pains, some people are getting a stomach virus as well.

“But the flu is the most -- the upper respiratory and the cough, sore throats, lying in bed like you got hit with a Mack truck, basically.”

She said the flu shot really works. You could still get the flu, but it will be much more mild than if you didn’t.

The flu clinic here at the Upham Corner Health Center in Dorchester is open from 1-4 p.m. If you need more information about other clinics, you can find them here.

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