Man Once Acquitted of Murder Faces Similar Charges

(NECN: Brad Puffer, Brockton, Mass.) - A Boston man once acquitted of killing and burying his 14-year-old pregnant girlfriend returned to a courtroom today to face murder charges in a new case.

Kyle Bryant pleaded not guilty to shooting and killing Darnell Harrison outside a Brockton, Massachusetts, bar last month.

Chantae Jones was just 14-years-old and pregnant.  

A jury found her boyfriend, Kyle Bryant, not guilty of murder, even though he admitted to watching his friend stab, beat, then bury her in a shallow grave in Boston in 1999.

C.C. Jones
"Now he killed someone else again ten years later. How do you all feel, he killed my little sister. He buried her alive."

Bryant is now accused of killing 26 year year old Darnell Harrison outside a bar in Brockton last month. Bryant did not show his face in court Monday. If he had, he would have seen the mother and sister of Chantae Jones sitting in the front row.

Pamela Jones
"When they let him out they let the devil out again."

Prosecutors describe the murder as a targeted assasination captured on surveillance video.

Pamela Jones
"The defendant then discharges the semi-automatic weapon a number of times at the deceased and his friend as they try to get in the bar."

Other video surveillance apparently shows Bryant shedding his clothing as he fled the scene. Prosecutors would not discuss a motive. Bryant's defense attorney says the evidence is circumstantial.

Elliot Weinstein
"They identify their issue as one of identification meaning they don't know who the shooter was."

Neuza Barros
"He was the friendliest most lovable person in the world he loved his family he loved his kids"

Neuza Barros is Harrison's girlfriend, the mother of his three year old child and one on the way. Outside a Brockton courtroom, she met the family of Chantae Jones for the first time.

Neuza Barros
"I couldn't believe that someone was allowed to run the streets to be able to kill someone else."

Pamela Jones
"I am glad he is caught and I hope they don't suffer like I did I hope they get justice."

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