More Alleged Victims Take Stand in Sandusky Trial

(NECN/NBC News: Brian Mooar) – More accusers took the witness stand on Wednesday to say they were abused by Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky in an attempt by the prosecution to establish a pattern of behavior.

One witness testified he was just 10 when he fended off the first of many fondling attempts and repeated physical advances.

But under cross-examination, he admitted he told a grand jury he had not been touched or fondled. He explained he had blocked out the incidents, but with the help of counseling now remembers.

"Joe Amendola did a marvelous job of cross examining him," said NBC News Legal Analyst Wes Oliver. "There were a number of things that Amendola was able to point out, and did in a very methodical way point out that this witness had not testified to before he obtained private counsel."

The defense also produced a 2004 scholarship form for Sandusky's Second Mile charity, in which the witness mentions Sandusky as "a kind and caring gentleman," and someone who "changed my perceptions on life in a positive way."

Like witnesses before and after him, the young man said Sandusky initiated a physical relationship.

"Every one of the victims so far to testify has described the contact with Sandusky beginning with touching of the leg in a car and there is that thread that runs through all these victims," said Oliver.

The jury also heard from two other men who told similar stories of courtship and abuse.

And for the first time, the jury heard from Sandusky himself in an interview with NBC's Bob Costas.

"I say that I am innocent of those charges," said Sandusky.

The father of key prosecution witness Mike McQueary also testified today about the anguished phone call after his son allegedly caught Sandusky showering with a young boy.

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