Significant Police Presence Ends But Suspect Search Continues

(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Woburn, MA) – The significant police presence that was here for hours is gone tonight, but the search for suspects is not - at least 2, or perhaps 3 other people still on the loose.

Shots fired outside a jewelry store following a botched robbery in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Sixteen-year veteran Woburn Police Officer Robert DeNapoli, responding to a series of 911 calls, was hit multiple times in the lower body and hand just after 11 in the morning.

One of the suspects was shot, as well, here he is down on the ground.

At least two other suspects took off, perhaps three.

"The robber came out, one went this way, one went that way so I said they're at the rear of the building, rear of the building," said witness Tom Dean, a retired Arlington firefighter.

"This is a manhunt and it won't stop until we have every suspect in custody, that means county, state, federal law enforcement and public safety come together around this," said Middlesex County District Attorney Gerry Leone.

As the DA Leone said, there was a massive response, 350 officers, and by early afternoon, dozens made their way in formation down Cambridge Road.

SWAT patrolled the streets.

A police dog went looking for the scent.

A State Police helicopter searched from the air.

Police checked wooded trails, asking all four of these people to show identification.

And at Musto Jewelers, crime scene investigators dusted for prints.

All too fresh in the minds of Woburn police - the fatal shooting of Officer Jack Maguire in December during an armed robbery by parolee Dominic Cinelli, who was also killed.

"I had a short conversation with Officer DeNapoli at the hospital. And all I can say is that he's with his family. And we're just hoping for the best," said Acting Woburn Police Chief Richard Kelley.

Officer DeNapoli has serious injuries, he is expected to be ok.

The suspect in custody will be arraigned as soon as possible - perhaps in his hospital bed or at Woburn District Court.

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