Spring Is in the Air!

(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Boston, Mass.) - New Englanders are soaking up the sun and making the most of this pop-up warm weather -- while they can.

Sun and blue skies to warm the winter weary across New England.

60 degrees and rising at 3 o'clock if you can believe it .

This walker can, same goes for this biker, and this guy jumping rope.

And how about ice skating in a T-shirt at the Frog Pond?

The thaw is leaving puddles on the sidewalks of Needham, Massachusetts and the sad remnants of Frosty on Boston Common.

Matt: been on treadmill

Time to make a tee time? Feels about right.
Well, maybe not *quite* yet.

But there's no doubt it's a windows down, sun roof open kind of day.

The trees are budding,
Though the signs of winter's toll on this region are everywhere.

Trying to forget about all of this?

We're not so far removed from this lousy scene - plows and shovels and icy roads.

And even with the warm-up, this is but a tease - remember there's more than a month of winter left.

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