Tragic End to Domestic Violence Case in Worcester, Mass.

(NECN: Katelyn Tivnan, Worcester, Mass.) – It’s a tragic end to a case of domestic violence.

Police say 40-year-old Belinda Torres of Worcester, Mass. was killed Monday night by her ex-boyfriend. She was shot twice in the head in front of Compare Foods.

“He was out in front of the store for some time as if he were waiting for her to leave the building, which is what he did and as soon as she came out he shot her from behind,” said Kerry Hazelhurst with the Worcester police.

Torres had a restraining order against ex-boyfriend Jose Soto.

At a main south community meeting Tuesday, police say Soto stalked Torres, possibly using binoculars to watch her.

Police say after the shooting, Soto turned the gun on himself inside his Sycamore Street apartment.

“It's sad. I really feel bad for both of the families. It's a lose-lose situation,” said John Provost who lives across the street from Compare Foods.

He said the violent attack is unnerving.

Community activist Billy Breault said three homicides have taken place in this immediate area in the last six months, despite the added police presence in the main south neighborhood.

“It’s concerning in this small area to have that many deaths in such a short period of time with everything police are doing,” said William Breault of main south alliance.

Worcester city councilor Sarai Rivera called the murder-suicide a tragedy. She said domestic violence is an issue not confined to any one neighborhood.

“When someone has made the decision to hurt a partner it can happen in any community,” she said.

Both Rivera and Breault agree progress is being made in main south, but also say this case of violence is evidence more work lies ahead.

“The more we come together, Rivera said, “the better it will be for our community.”

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