What Are Parents Entitled to When It Comes to Time Off From Work?

(NECN) – What are parents entitled to when it comes to time off from work?

Attorney Hindell Grossman from Grossman and Associates joined NECN with the answer to that and more!

She said that Massachusetts has a Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act, which applies to employers with more than six workers, and allows women to have eight weeks of unpaid leave for birth or adoption.

Workers must be restored to previous or similar positions.

“She’s assured she will have her same position when she returns,” said Grossman.

How much notice do you need to give your employer?

Grossman said that you need to give notice two weeks before leave and two weeks before returning.

What about dads?

Males are not protected under the act, but the Mass. Commission against Discrimination said it will apply the stature in a gender-neutral way, so it will also protect men.

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