All About The Connections

As the first rain reports came in this afternoon, I felt robbed. How could we only have 2/10ths of an inch in the first wave of rain?

Come to find out, I was so used to being pessimistic about rain that I was jumping to conclusions about the following 3-4 hours. With continuous bands of heavy rain pivoting around a developing storm, I soon discovered my fears were unfounded.

Rainfall reports came in of over an inch in many spots in Greater Worcester, and close to that value in Greater Boston. How did the rain live up to expectations? It was pretty self-evident when you looked at the satellite pictures. A huge plume of tropical moisture was feeding into the storm from Miami and Cuba! With that kind of connection, it was just a matter of focusing the water around a sturdy low pressure.

In the wake of the storm, temperatures will level off in the above normal range. There is no cold air to tap, and no chilly air waiting in the wings in the days ahead. So we sit in the 50s and await what comes this weekend with a mightier storm and a potential pattern change.

Although the weekend storm will not hit us with a lot of rain or gusty winds, it's what becomes of it after it passes that's important. By deepening and expanding its wind field, it should alter the jet stream into next week, sending cold air into all of New England by Thanksgiving week.

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