Another Surge of Heat & Humidity

Despite the fact that we are knee-deep in drought, it was a spectacular day across New England. Summer sun and dry air boosted us into the 70s and 80s with just a few fair weather clouds around.

The drought is a stubborn stain on an otherwise wonderful summer pattern. No matter where we look, soaking rains are no where to be found. Our only chance at seeing water is when a round of storms (with high runoff) comes through.

One such chance is on Saturday afternoon with an approaching cool front. Latest weather maps have this front slowing to a crawl as it moves across New England, giving us a better chance to form showers and storms.

In the coming days, the heat and humidity will climb. Some spots close in on 90 tomorrow, whereas many towns and cities hit or surpass it across interior Southern New England Friday and Saturday. Beaches stay a bit cooler, only topping out near 80 tomorrow and in the low/mid 80s Friday and Saturday.


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