Arctic Air Makes an Icy Return Next Week

Expect some cold temperatures this weekend

“It really didn't snow this morning.”

That was my response when Matt Noyes sent me a video wondering where the light coating came from. I told him that since it didn't happen where I live, it simply didn't happen. Someone once said, "It's not denial. I'm just very selective about the reality I accept."

Kidding aside, the reality was the dusting was from a weak system rippling by in the jet stream. Didn't take much to shake out a few flakes with such cold air over us. Thankfully, it moved on quickly and the sun took over the afternoon sky.

Friday is a turning point of sorts. Arctic air will be purged as a storm moves up the eastern seaboard. Expect lots of clouds overhead with a few sunny breaks. Highs will nudge 40 across Southern New England while the low 30s hold across Northern New England.

The storm continues to move north and intensify on Saturday. I expect to see the rain arrive well before dawn, and drench Southern New England with 1-1.5" of water through the morning. As mentioned, cold is borderline with this storm, but not absent. There should be enough around to keep it snow north of the Rt. 2/I-495 interchange. While only a couple of inches is possible, it will be wet, heavy and possibly mixed with rain. I'm expecting higher amounts (and solid snow) north of Manchester and Rochester, NH with the "jackpot" from Augusta to Bangor: 6 or more inches is possible there as the snowpack grows in Eastern and Northern Maine.

Storm pulls away Saturday afternoon across Southern New England, leaving cool temperatures behind. Windy - but mostly dry - for the Pats game. After topping out in the upper 40s we should fall to near 40 by game time.

Cold - OK arctic - air makes a return early next week. It's arrival may come with more snow for Maine as a weak storm tries to spin up the coast. Highs will struggle to make the teens and 20s by Tuesday with wind chills in the single digits above and below zero.

No denying that.

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