Highs in the 40s?? We want our money back.

Not only did the wind chill hover in the 30s all day, it was also 10-15 degrees below normal for this time of year! Thank goodness for the leaves and the green grass, otherwise you'd think this was early winter.

An unseasonably cool airmass has disrupted our warm, lazy autumn pattern. More cold reserves are pouring in over the next two days, and with a storm system rapidly approaching, we are concerned for snow.

Not just the kind you see at a distance (or on our webcams) in the mountains. This could be a plowable snow that makes it into the center of town - or even into the Western part of Massachusetts.

We've seen this setup many times before. Cold can't get out of the way fast enough, so it's trapped as the precipitation shield approaches. Track of the storm is critical too (as always). Right now it looks to move across Southern New England, keeping Northern New England on the cold side. 

Snow is possible at the outset in Western Mass, Greater Worcester, Southern NH and the rest of Northern New England - away from the coast. As the storm ramps up its wind, we'll mix out the cold pockets and turn most spots over to rain. Speaking of, gusts will jump onto the Cape/Islands by dawn on Friday. Some locations may peak at 40-45 mph (along with balmy temps in the mid/upper 50s).

I'm hoping that most of the action with rain and wind scoots out by evening on Friday, but the way this storm has been getting trending (more nasty), I can't make any promises yet.

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