Autumn In Sight


Prepare yourselves. Autumn is here in more ways than one.

Cool temperatures will descend on all of New England in the next couple of days. Highs will trend below normal for a change as a sharp front crosses tonight.

But first...some rain?

You bet. We've been watching a thin ribbon slicing across New York this evening. The best part of this is that the models show it growing in size and intensity throughout the night. That's not to say it will put a serious dent in the drought, but it may be enough to make us feel good...and create a few puddles.

Most of the showers dry up by early morning, but we could still have a few drips around. Clouds will be another story: slowly giving way to sun across Southern New England, with bright skies from the get-go in Northern New England.

Cool readings will carry into Sunday - in fact, maybe a bit cooler than Saturday - with the REAL chill holding off until Sunday night and Monday AM. It's then that we might see some isolated frost in the suburbs of Southern New England and a better chance for more scattered frost in Northern New England.

Grab the woolies and shut the windows. Autumn is here!

Make it a good, safe weekend.

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