Chipping Away at The Drought

Heavy rain came to town(s) across New England. It's all good, all needed, and all part of a soggy pattern in the next week to ten days.

But hang on. We're not talking days on end of rain. We'll have our cake and eat it too. Significant, days-long breaks will come between storms.

First thing's first though. Heavy rain is shifting offshore this evening. We're tapering the rain to plain clouds and spotty mist toward midnight. How are we so precise on the timing? This is a tidy weather system and it's behaving just as the models predicted. (Sometimes they get it right.)

Next up, is another speedy system for tomorrow afternoon. Rain/snow lines will hold in Northern Maine, so this looks to be all wet for 2/3 of New England. Another inch or so of rain could be in play, with some spots coming out a bit higher. The difference here is that tomorrow's storm is dragging its feet and won't push away until very early Thursday morning.

Again the cold air is lacking, and again we climb well above normal in the wake of the storm on Thursday. For the first day of meteorological winter, we could hit 60 degrees in some spots!

Cold weather lovers hold your tears. There is plenty of chill coming for the weekend under clear skies. That said, the pattern remains both active and above normal, so we are already eyeing the next rain event by the middle of next week.

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