Clouds Give Way to Pockets of Light Rain

Thickening clouds deliver pockets of light rain to New England today, and the lack of sunshine keeps temperatures from climbing much beyond 70 degrees — about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday.

Although light rain will last through the afternoon and at least part of the evening in southern New England, some of central and northern New England tapers earlier, by early evening, and central/northern Maine will see little rain at all.

Even in wettest locations of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, total rain amounts will only be either size of a quarter inch. Areas of fog will develop overnight as rain departs but the air remains moist, and pockets of fog and clouds will linger into Wednesday morning before burning off for a fantastic, fair day with highs nearing 80.

An approaching cold front will likely touch off scattered showers and thunder in Maine and northern New Hampshire Wednesday afternoon, opening the door to cooler air that will settle into most of eastern New England for Thursday.

The edge of this cool air — a frontal boundary — will stay near New England for several days ahead, but a strengthening southwest wind will at least push it northward for summer warmth to take hold of New England Friday and Saturday.

By later Saturday, the same cold front begins a southward sag again, raising the chance for afternoon thunder in northern New England and raising the chance of showers for all of New England on Sunday.

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Of course, behind the cold front would be cooler air that arrives at some point Sunday and into Memorial Day — if the air is cool and dry enough, showers will wind down in time for Memorial Day, but it’s too early to say for sure.

Thereafter, pleasant weather is expected toward the end of the exclusive Early Warning Weather 10-day forecast.

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