Cold Air Coming In

Snow showers will mark the arrival of the front Tuesday afternoon

Frigid air is pouring in for the short term.We’ll start our workweek with some towns and cities below zero!

Thankfully, this air isn’t accompanied by gnashing wind, so it will be somewhat manageable. Just when you thought it might be time to order a few more cords of wood, the warmer air comes to the rescue. In fact, we’re already setting our sites on a significant warmup in the near term as a warm front nears. As is the case with any warmer air trying to barge in over a cold airmass, this transition isn’t going to be pretty.

Snow showers will mark the arrival of the front Tuesday afternoon - with a couple of inches at stake – before we see the mix and ice move in overnight. Roads, streets and sidewalks will get slick overnight as the stubborn cold air clings to the lower elevations of Northern New England. We’ll start to peel way some of the cold on Wednesday as our high temps recover to near 40 in spots. And the mild days don’t end there. Peeks of sun will keep the thaw going into the latter half of the week with 40s becoming more common.

Right now, it doesn’t appear that any major storms will bother us in the long range, but as we found out with this past weekend’s storm, things can change quickly. We have our heads on a swivel this winter.

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