Bear Cub Spotted Roaming Around Avon, Connecticut

Mother and her daughters snapped these photos

Bear cub on street
Rayna Banks

Rayna Banks and her two daughters were on their evening walk in their Secret Lake neighborhood in Avon, Connecticut, on Thursday when they came across a bear cub walking down the street and snapped a couple of photos.

Banks says, "Bears roam Secret Lake all the time, but tonight is the first time I saw one. A cute little baby. No momma in sight." A neighbor told Banks that a full size bear, who she believed to be the mother, was later seen in the neighborhood. 

Geoffrey Krukar, a wildlife biologist with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Wildlife Division, says when encountering a bear cub, "Watch them from a distance. Do not approach them and if you see the mother, back away from the area." Krukar adds, "it's a misconception that Black Bear mothers become overly aggressive around their cubs and Black Bear attacks on humans are extremely rare." 

Krukar asks people who sight bears to share their findings on the DEEP website, to help the department track bears in the area.

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