Did You Get an Unexpected Text About Your Delivery? It Could be a Scam

The BBB suggests that consumers remain aware of what they have ordered, avoid clicking on links in text messages about packages, and to go directly to a company or seller's website to track packages

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As shoppers flock to websites for Cyber Monday, there is a warning from the Better Business Bureau about scammers who pose as companies that deliver packages.

According to the nonprofit organization, people in New England are receiving text messages that appear to be from package delivery services but are actually fraudulent.

The messages have included links that, when followed, prompt someone to enter personal information, which can then be stolen.

To prevent that from happening, the Better Business Bureau recommends watching out for messages that have links related to tracking or someone saying that they are having trouble getting a package to you.

It also says a scammer may send you a text message saying that you must update your delivery preferences.

The organization suggests that consumers remain aware of what they have ordered, avoid clicking on links in text messages about packages, and, if they do need information about an order, go to a delivery company's or seller’s website to track a package independently from a text message.

"They’ll take advantage of this particular aspect of scamming until the word gets out," said Falmouth, Maine, police Chief John Kilbride, explaining that he has seen scammers consistently evolve their tactics as incidents have been reported to his department.

The Better Business Bureau wants to make sure you don't become the victim of a scam during the busy holiday season.

"We just had one a couple of hours ago where a resident was victimized for $2,600 through her Venmo account, and that all started with a text message," said Kilbridge during a Monday interview with NECN/NBC10 Boston.

"Once she clicked on that link, an exchange of information started happening, and they were able to compromise her Venmo account," he explained.

Kilbride also noted that he has received reports of roughly half a dozen scams in Falmouth in the past four or five months.

He recommends keeping track of online orders. If you are not expecting a package but receive a message about one, it could be a scam.

He also suggests checking in with senior relatives to prevent them from being victimized.

"If it’s too good to be true, it is, and you’re probably being scammed," he said.

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