Harvard's New Mascot Could Be a Turkey

The Harvard Undergraduate Association recently voted in favor of piloting the idea


In an effort to boost school spirit, the Harvard Undergraduate Association is piloting a new mascot for the Ivy League university — a turkey.

The association is putting $1,000 toward the piloting the idea, in order to buy a turkey costume and some promotional materials, according to The Harvard Crimson.

In a study amongst students, more than 70% of the 130 survey takers said they wanted a new mascot, according to the Crimson. About 36% of the students in the survey had turkey as their top choice. Lobster ranked second.

The turkey mascot that's being proposed would not replace the "Crimson" brand and would interact with fans at athletic events.

This apparently is not the first push at getting a turkey to represent Harvard. The Crimson reports that in 2016, a Facebook page had the same mission, but to no avail.

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