Holiday Weekend Shines…For Some

Holiday Weekend Shines...For Some


Tumultuous day. One that saw us struggle with the cold, the morning icing in NH and Maine, the slowly advancing warmth, the clouds and occasional rain.

OK, I confess. The forecast was wrong.

I was thinking the warmth would surge in on a steady southwest wind this afternoon. Instead of 60s, we saw 40s and 50s. The few exceptions (and therefore "right" forecasts) were in Worcester and throughout Southeast Mass.

All in the rear view mirror now. Cooler air is moving in for the weekend. Oddly, it may be warmer than today for much of New England thanks to a return to sunshine. One thing's for certain, it won't be warm along the coast with a northeast wind blowing off of chilly ocean water.

Highs from Cape Ann to Cape Cod will remain in the 40s both days, with limited (mostly morning) sun. By afternoon, we should go into the clouds and stay there, adding to the chill.

More rain is expected on Monday as another wet (not white) storm system moves in. Steady rain is expected from mid morning on. Doesn't look heavy, but it doesn't look cold either. Mid 50s ought to do it.

Still on track for that major warmup late next week. 70s still in play!

Have a great holiday weekend!


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