Howling Wind Eases as Warmth Lingers

Howling Wind Eases as Warmth Lingers

Uprooted trees, swift-moving brush fires, and temperatures you'd expect in early June.

Typical New England spring?


Although our weather can be wild around here, it's been especially crazy over the last couple of weeks. In that respect, it was just another "wild one" around here as winds gusted to 60+ mph in parts of eastern Massachusetts thanks to a strong core of winds just below 5,000 feet. That wind core has moved offshore now and with the setting sun, things are settling down.

Next up is another oddity for spring: the risk for storms. An approaching front will feed off unstable, humid air tomorrow to sprout a few storms in the afternoon. Beware of heavy rain and brief, gusty winds. Temperatures again make a run for 70, but fall short in many respects thanks to the clouds. Humidity will be rather high for this time of year, enought to qualify as a semi-bad hair day.

Saturday, we'll be in the middle of two weather systems: the one departing on Friday and the one approaching on Sunday. It's not a wash out, but it's certainly not a pretty day. Now, as temperatures continue to slide on Saturday night, we will find ourselves facing the possibility of snow showers and squalls on Sunday morning. Here again, the air will be unstable, so the possibility exists for some brief white-outs and gusty winds. Accumulations will be minimal but, in some cases, sudden. Some towns may be left with a coating of white in the wake of the stronger squalls.

If the idea of snow in April doesn't sit well, you may want to stop reading right here. Steady snow is possible Monday as a weak (but potent) weather system slides through New England. Although our temperatures are (again) marginally cold, there may be enough chill to produce an inch or two in some communities across Southern New England. Here too, the cold will follow and remain through Wednesday.

Whew! The pattern is so active we need a scorecard.


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