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‘Kids of The Real Housewives' Spinoff? Reality Star Dolores Catania Says She's ‘So For It'

"Oh, my God. How about put them all together and let them go off on us. " 

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Millions of people have watched Gia, Frankie, and Antonia, the children of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" stars, grow up in front of the cameras for almost a decade.

Dolores Catania, who is known for being her authentic self on and off camera, says "I would love to hear their commentary of our parenting in their eyes."

The reality TV star went on, saying "We're tough. New Jersey parents are tough."

"I've seen every one of them be disciplined. Every single one of them, including Jackie (Goldschneider). Jennifer (Aydin) is not too big on the disciplinary stuff."

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The full "RealiTea With Derek Z" interview with Dolores Catania is scheduled to air on July 15 on NECN.

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