Barbershop Quartet Performs Singing Valentines Across Town in Maine

Valentine's Day is full of surprises -- but in Portland, Maine, some surprise valentines are delivered by four men in matching suits.

Every Feb. 14, men from the Downeasters Chorus break off into quartets and deliver "singing Valentines" to surprised recipients.

"This is one of the most fun days of the year for me," said singer Mike Soper, who has been delivering singing valentines for 20 years.

They are often sent to offices and businesses. Sometimes they surprise guests at dinner, other times they'll break out into song spontaneously on the street.

"We're just spreading joy," said singer Miles Hunt.

This Valentine's Day, they were a part of an elaborate romantic gesture.

"This is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me," said Matt Cosby whose fiance, Kelsey Grousbeck, had the barbershop quartet meet them on the Eastern Prom, where she performed a "reverse proposal."

Weeks before, Cosby proposed to Grousbeck, but Grousbeck wanted to return the favor. She added the element of a cappella to strike the right tone.

"I've already said yes to marrying you, but I was wondering if you might also marry me?" she said to Matt, getting down on one knee in between songs.

The singers say seeing emotional reactions during their performances is the best part.

"Oftentimes," Soper said, "it's a once in a lifetime experience [for the recipient]."

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