Lawmakers Push to Impeach Maine Gov. LePage

Two lawmakers in Maine say they've heard enough evidence to initiate impeachment hearings against Gov. Paul LePage.

An ethics investigation has been looking into allegations that the governor blackmailed a charter school.

His political opponent, House Speaker Mark Eves, was about to become the president of the school when the governor threatened to pull state funding if he was hired.

LePage has admitted to making the threat – he says it's his right to exercise discretion over the funds.

Several members of the House disagree. They want prosecutors to look into criminal charges.

They are preparing impeachment orders – and considering other options to hold the governor accountable.

"Just the variety of behaviors this governor has engaged in, I've never seen from any other governor in the state," said Democratic Rep. Ben Chipman of Portland. "Unprecedented to even talk about impeachment, but we're in unprecedented times."

An impeachment order could be presented as early as next month.

LePage's spokesperson did not respond to necn's request for comment.

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