Meet Darla, The Controversial Owner of Marcy’s Diner

A local radio company shot a video poking fun at the controversy on Thursday


Marcy's Diner in downtown Portland, Maine, has been in the national spotlight this week after its owner yelled at a toddler and told her to be quiet.

Darla Neugebauer, the diner's owner, said the child had been crying for 40 minutes and she had had enough.

The story went viral, with some siding with Neugebauer and many others siding with the child's parents.

On Wednesday, Townsquare Media, which operates radio stations in New Hampshire and Maine - including Q97.9 in Portland - approached Neugebauer about filming a video poking fun at the situation and her "colorful" vocabulary.

"It's had a lot of impact on people and everybody's talking about it," said Robert Michaelson, digital managing editor at Townsquare Media. "Everybody's taking one side or the other. We're in radio - we wanted to have a little fun, we wanted to see if she wanted to do a little sketch making light of the controversy."

Michaelson said Neugebauer was happy to play along.

"She's real nice," he said. "She just seems very real and very personable. She doesn't give a hoot what people think, and that is awesome. When you have people in their internet outrage machine, they don't see that. They read the headlines and form an opinion."

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